The materials used to make the skinny ties in UK varied from the one in US. This was the case with all parts of the world. While some designers loved the solid coloured black skinny tie of leather, others preferred simple cotton and even wool. The fact of the matter is, the ties have made a huge come back from what was once just another ‘slim’ change the world was looking for. The skinny tie has definitely come a long way.


Elvis Costello wearing skinny tie



They are sexy. They make an impact. And they are loved. Skinny ties have always made a mark in the fashion business. Skinny ties mostly resonate with people who love the classic retro look. The tie takes its inspiration from the era of the 1960s. The tie made it through the fashion scene when pop icons like the Beatles flawlessly flaunted them onstage. It was during this time that the world really noticed what the skinny ties are all about. From poster boys to teachers and lecturers, everyone was wearing one. And skinny tie made its presence felt on the global fashion scene.



But where did it all start?


Footballer Rio Ferdinand Wearimg Skinny Ties


Slim ties were already popular in the late 20s. These were your 2 inch classic ties that the world loved for long. But then these didn’t resurface until the late 50s. So where and why did they vanish? The atrocities of the World War II left the world economies crumbling. With no available materials or manufacturing base in Europe, the eyes were set on the United States to bring about a change and bring their positive postwar aspirations to fore. This was the time for anything happy, bold and upbeat.



And the US responded with flamboyance


Skinny ties in early 50's


The fashion scene in US changed and brought with them skinny ties which went on to dominate the early 50s. That was the time when manufacturers created bold abstract and geometric ties and vibrant colour combinations with smaller widths dominated the fashion scene. It was a natural choice for designers. Mens fashion was suddenly more edgy and experimenting. Trends of Skinny ties in UK became popular around this time.



Before the 1950s

Before the 1950s, ties were above 4.25 inches. Interestingly, the skinny tie came out of style by the end of 60s. This was the changing period too. With the 70s came neckties only 3 inches wide. What’s surprising is that they were still narrower in comparison to our average skinny tie width today. These were the classic vintage skinny ties with just about 2.5 inches of width.



Cold War and Korean War

This was the time when something subdued came back as Christian Dior launched the concept of a narrow silhouette. This was the right time for the slim and conservative ties back on the fashion front. These were days when the world said good bye to the wide widths and ties with loud tones. The taste at this time was the bold look with subtleness of the skinny tie.


And when Elvis wore them, the world doted on them. Skinny ties in UK and USA were all over the place and after vanishing for a little while, came right back in the 80s, through the music scene again.


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