Ties, for the major part of the century have been part of men’s advised dress code. They have been acting as the distinction between men’s formal and men’s casual for ages. Ties have forever been the appropriate accessory if you were an office going man or someone attending a wedding or a formal event.


However, ties were never a strong fashion statement no matter what style we talk about, be it a scrunchy cravat or a bow tie or just a simple thick tie. They were part of an intrinsic, generalizing culture that symbolized that one meant business. It was recognized as a sign of accommodating and appropriating oneself according to the work culture.




Ties of Old Times




With the onset of the twentieth century, the tie came to be seen as a fashion accessory, a style statement. Men were starting to go without ties; the no tie policy was getting implemented in many offices around the globe. Now, designer ties were making their way into the wardrobes of the fashionably gifted gentleman.


It was no longer something worn to blend but utilized to stand out. A play with ties, brighter colors and bolder pattern came into being with men experimenting even with the knots they chose to wear.


If you were to ever wear a designer tie in UK, you would of course not wear a thick Windsor; the modern metro sexual man would choose a much thinner silk tie with an interesting tie to show his self confidence. The twentieth century onwards, men were prompted to work on their looks, showcase their individuality with just a simple piece of fabric worn on their shirt. They could not only impress with their designer wear but could simply do away with the tie’s boring tag.




thinner silk tie




Nowadays, the heads of states have also in considerable numbers started doing away with their ties for formal occasions giving men enough reason to turn the tie into a fashion accessory. If you look at the market for designer ties in UK, one will realize that the consumers are increasingly coming out of the young generation. Young guys are wearing skinny ties to parties and social do-s because of the reworking of the tie as a statement and as an accessory.




designer ties



Novelty ties, bold bow ties, skinny silk and leather ties are increasingly becoming favorites with companies such as Ties N Such catering to this exclusive clientele vying for designer ties in UK.


While they are not a necessary part of the man’s wardrobe anymore, more and more are buying ties as part of an expanding style statement. Today, fashion houses are indulging a major part of their creative and financial resources solely to develop ties for the fashion forward man. There are tie makers in Italy who are selling bespoke ties.


Celebrities like Prince Charles are getting their ties customized, made to measure. You tell me, why are ties becoming important? Men are starting to wear designer ties and the rest of the world to embrace the option of wearing ties in the modern world where ties are no longer compulsory.