Just like women’s fashion, men's fashion changes from season to season and year to year. While ties are really a staple that will never go out of style, there’re certain changes in men's fashion which can make these staple things look outdated.

A particular trend that has been observed on runways all over the world is the inclusion of bold textures in conventional menswear items. The good thing about this trend is that it’s wearable, and the most fashion-challenged man can even update his look with just some pieces.

Business Skinny Ties


Keeping up with the rapid changes in men's fashion will make sure that you look your best as you leave your house, whether you’re headed to school, work, or out with that special person. The following are some of the latest trends in fashion for men, and following them doesn't need you to get a new wardrobe.

Bring in texture

Experiment with various textures of Men's ties to incorporate diversity to your large collection. Woven ties, like basket weave neckties can easily add an element of moderate distinction to the business apparel. Or, attempt a solid colour ribbed tie for a nice twist on a classic appearance.

Consider the collar

Try tying your necktie to ensure that the knot correlates with your collar’s width, the thickness of your tie and the occasion as well. For a dress shirt with a narrow spread or standard collar, consider one of the slim ties tied with a standard, half-Windsor knot or four-in-hand. For dress shirts that has a spread collar, make use of a wider tie tied in a Windsor knot to make a bold, professional look too.

Materials that will last

Fine silk Men's ties are a quick way to give you a sophisticated and distinctive appearance. Silk ties are usually hand crafted in Italy and normally from a single piece of silk that won't tear, fade or fray.

Mix and match

Be creative and express your own style by pairing striped shirts together with patterned ties, or even a polka dot tie together with a plaid sports coat. A novelty ties with an embroidered patterns could be good conversations starters and a special way to express your personality as you maintain your dress code.

Experiment with colour

Try to mix an unexpected colour combination for you to make a style statement. You can match a pink dress shirt together with a light blue men’s silk tie, or even a yellow dress shirt together with an orange tie to quickly diversify your wardrobe as well as update a classic black or gray suit. You can wear brightly coloured neckties year-round, making them a dependable choice for a confident, trendy look.