Cufflinks predate the modern day buttons and were invented as a utility item. But with time this piece of accessory evolved to be a fashion statement and more of a men’s jewellery. Today decorative cufflinks are used to give a dash of style and richness to your otherwise simple formal attires. But if you are a novice and do not have much knowledge about how to master this tiny piece of accessory, here is a guide to help you put it on with style.


Man Fastening Cufflinks



Though invented in 16th century, Cufflinks reached its modern day avatar in the middle of 19th century. Initially produced as a utility item to hold the cuffs together, the accessory soon received immense popularity and went on to be regarded as‘formal jewellery’ for men.  Today cufflinks, especially the fancy cufflinks are regarded as an essential accessory for making a sophisticated yet bold style statement.


But no matter how stunning the cufflink looks, it’ll not do anything for your style quotient if you are wearing it wrong.


So here is a step by step guide for you on how to wear your cufflinks:


Step 1: Put your shirt on and hold the cuffs of your sleeves together to make sure both the button holes are aligned. Pinch the cuffs together to do this. Many men fold the edges of the cuffs together to form a cylindrical shape. But this is the wrong way of wearing the accessory. So, no matter how tempted you feel to do that, don’t ruin your style by doing so.



Blue Cufflink on White Shirt



Step 2: Insert your cufflink through both the holes through shirt cuffs. Now, as you are wearing a fancy cufflink, you need to keep the decorative part on the outer side, so that it is visible. To make sure keep your arm by your side and notice which side of your cuffs are facing out.


Step 3: Now you need to secure the cufflink in its place. There are various styles of cufflinks that use various styles. So, here you’ll have to first understand the style of your accessory to secure it properly.


  • Bullet-Back Closure: This is one of the most common styles and also the easiest to put one. These styles of cufflinks have a torpedo suspended between both the posts. To put the cufflink through the button hole you need to align the bullet vertically and when it is in its place, simply realign it horizontally to secure the cufflink.


  • Fixed Backing: Fixed backs have the posts linked together but none of them move anyway. You need to put both the posts through the button holes to secure the cuffs. It may take a little time to put this one on.


  • Chain Link: This is the traditional style of cufflinks featuring a chain link that joins the two posts. The true British style cufflink, it may take a little time to master this one. But nothing spells sophistication better than a chain linked cufflink.


  • Reversible: This is a fix backing cufflink with different designs in both the posts. This way you can simply switch the sides to get two designs from one accessory.



fix backing cufflink with different designs



  • Ball return: This one is essentially a chin cufflink with a backing composed of a ball of silver or gold. Easiest to put on, this one is often a preferred choice over fixed back and bullet ones.


So, Now that you know how to put on the fancy cufflinks in a perfect way, buy yourself some great decorative ones to make a style statement.