Bow ties are an extremely popular male fashion accessory and are widely worn with suits and tuxedos for formal events. Most men prefer buying a bow tie from the fashion store and then have a hard time tying them. Some men also look for readymade fancy bow ties with Velcro at the back which is easy to wear and take off. On certain occasions women also wear bow ties with skirt tops and frocks though these are not as elaborates as the ones that men wear.


There might be people who would want to add a personal touch to their look and hence would prefer to tie their own bow tie for a special occasion. Such people can go ahead and tie fancy bow ties using ribbons which look as good and as elegant as the traditional bow ties.


Here are a few bow ties which one can tie using a ribbon:

Winged Bow: This is a classic bow tie worn by men and one would need at least fourteen inches of ribbon just for the bow. Thus, one should take a ribbon that is lengthy enough to loop around the man’s neck and then make the bow.


White Winged Bow Tie


  • Cross the left and right tails of the ribbon by placing the left one on the right one.


  • Make a knot by pushing the left tail behind the right, taking it under and then pulling it out of the hole.


  • Pull on both the tails till the knot is smoothened and looks perfect.


  • Adjust the lines and folds as well as the tails of the ribbon.



Looped Bow Tie: This bow tie is worn by women and is mostly paired with skirt tops and frocks. These bows can also be worn by young boys with their formal shirts.


Looped Bow Tie With Ribbon


  • Make two loops in the ribbon.


  • Cross one loop over the other and bring it to the back as if tying a knot.


  • Pull it tight but make sure not to crease the ribbon or tighten the knot too much.


  • Smoothen the knot and adjust the trails according to the height of the person.


  • This bow tie can be pinned to the collar of the dress or shirt.


These are very easy and simple ways to make fancy bow ties using ribbons and add a personal touch to a special occasion.