Bow tie is a fashionable accessory that everyman would like to use it on different occasions. There are many tie manufacturers such as Ties N Such who offer designable bow ties for men. They have a varied range of bow ties in their store. So, either you can opt for a new one or you can make a bow tie out of your neck tie. Now that sounds something creative, isn’t it? Yes, if you have a spare neck tie or a new one then you can make a bow tie out of it. The process isn’t that easy but practicing a few times will bring you the perfection.


 Bow Tie Style



The knot issues

Different neck ties are made up of different types of fabric and making a bow tie requires very less fabric. Therefore, a little practice might be required to tie the knot with the tricky materials like the synthetic ones because they are slippery.



Orange Bow Tie


Secondly, neck ties can be thinner or thicker. The thicker ones will make a bigger knot in your bow tie, whereas the thin ones will bring out the perfect knot. But no matter whether your knot is big or small, it can be worn in any occasion without any hesitation.



5 steps to make a bow tie with your neck tie

Before starting the operation you need to lift up your shirt collar and measure your neck from the base of the back to the front collar. Then measure and adjust the size of the neck tie by pulling it from both the sides of your neck.


1) Adjust by pulling one end longer than the other.

2) Loop the long end around the short end.

3) Fold the short end in half.

4) Hold the folded short end and draw the long end around and through a loop.

5) Pull the loops to even its ends and tighten it.



Steps how to tie a bow tie


And thus, your bow tie is ready.


After finishing up, your bow tie can be slanted or crooked so you need to adjust it with both sides. Now lower down your collar for the perfect finish.Since, this is the first time you’re knotting a bow tie you need to check it periodically.



So finally you’ll see that it isn’t a tough process to make a bow tie. Just make sure you are confident enough to make it and wear it in special events. If you own some spared neck ties which are unused or torn at the ends then don’t throw them away; instead experiment with them by making different knot sizes because your bow tie portrays your personality and style.