Cufflinks are always meant to be one of the major fashion accessories across the world of fashion. At the same time, perhaps it is the only thing, which can have more impact with a personalized touch. There are several ways, in which cufflinks can be made at home, with very few materials, time, and effort.


For any occasion, a perfect outfit always matters. But what makes a perfect outfit? The answer is simple. It should be something, which is simple yet glorious, small yet dazzling, and above all, can define your class and your sense of fashion. If there is a slight personal touch in it, then nothing can stand parallel to it. More than the cost, it is the style that matters.



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While talking about these qualities, there can be only one thing in the world of fashion accessories, and that is cufflinks. It is something, which can transform ones look and feel from “anyone” to “someone”. Having a set of personalized cufflinks, which can define your characteristics, is one of the most precious possessions one can afford to have.


Preparing fancy cufflinks on your own is not as tedious, as it seems to be. It just requires few materials, like glue, scissors, pin, craft sand, circular papers, cufflink backs, bezel cufflinks, and mod podge. Using these materials, several kinds of cufflinks can be made. Following are some of those:



Using dug in cufflinks

For making this, first measure the diameter of the inner circle of the cufflink, and finely shape the circular paper, so that it can perfectly fit inside the cufflink. Now make your own design on one side of the paper, and add glue to the other side. Then paste it inside the cufflink base. Once done, place the cufflinks inside craft sand, so that they can stay straight. Now pour the mod podge into the cufflink. Make sure that it nearly overflows the base, so that it looks like an oval from sideways, and don’t let any bubble form inside it. Let it dry for couple of hours, and your fancy cufflinks are ready.



Using diamond cufflink back

Do you want to wear the cufflink made of the cap of your favorite beer bottle? It’s pretty simple. Just put the mod podge inside the cap and put the cufflink pin inside it, when the podge has started drying. Hold it for couple of minutes, and your another set of cufflinks is ready.



Using flat cufflink backs

Do you have any small fancy button or any small old and rare coin with you? It can make great cufflinks. Only thing you have to do is to put the glue on the flat back and stick the material of your choice to it. Another set of your cufflinks is ready.






There are several such ways, in which class personalized cufflinks can be designed. Give a personal touch to them, and you can have your own handmade cufflinks.


Here You can watch how to design your own Cufflinks: