This is the simplest method of getting yourself a perfect bow tie. When you know you aren’t going to use it too many times and have a long tie, why not experiment a little? When you want the best of ties, this is your choice.


There’s nothing as cool as knowing how to turn an ordinary necktie into a bow tie. This means that even when you don’t have one and an occasion happens to pop up, you won’t have to go scouting for a bow tie. It’s a perfect something to have in all kinds of closets. What’s best is you can simply use that long tie that you have had for a fairly long time and turn it into a bow tie without wasting any money on mens bow ties market.


Steps to make bow tie



Here are a few simple steps to follow

1) Place the tie with the wide end on the right, the front side facing down and thin side on the left. Bring the larger end of the tie to the left by folding it. Tuck it in the loops. Secure the loop by pulling the end by 1-2 inch.


2) Now it’s time to fold the thinner end of the tie. Make a rectangle by folding it towards the loops. This is the most important step as the width of this rectangle decides the size of the final bow tie. Make sure it’s even.


3) Create a leaf by folding the tie back on itself to the left. The crease will be shorter than first fold.


4) Repeat the same on the other side too.


5) Find out the right place to put your finger on the tie where you think the center of the rectangle would be. You can now create a concave arch by pressing the long side of the tie. This creates a seam on the underside for a finished look.


6) Now you will create the center knot of the bow tie with a new loop. Loop the tie up over to the front of the tie and to the back too.


7) Place your middle finger under these two loops and slightly tighten them. And you will see the bow tie shape.


8) To make it go around the neck, create a loop at the end of the tie back to the right and back toward yourself.


9) You can now position it just the way you want it around your neck.




Final Bow Tie



When you are looking for mens bow ties, UK market has many options. But it doesn’t get easier than this. So the next time you think about getting a new tie, take the old ones out of your closer and look at how you can creatively turn it into a bow tie. It’s simple, classic, and cheap!


Watch Out the Video Tutorial: