The idea of traditional weddings has long been forgotten. These days one doesn’t see the bride and the groom stand up in front of the whole room, have a romantic dance and play those corny and cheesy games like the couples of the 90s. In the present scenario, a wedding is a means to express the uniqueness of the relationship and the feelings of the couple. In a way, wedding is a platform to show off what one’s idea of a grand wedding is. So, the question is what a great wedding is or what makes a wedding unique? Here are some latest trends of 2015 in wedding planning and great ideas that have struck around for decades now.



Wedding Food

Individual dishes? Buffet? Continent-themed? What type of food should you keep? It totally depends upon your budget. If you can afford only one type of food, then it is better for you to opt for a buffet. It makes no point in going in to debt for lavish food. However, if you want to have some lip smacking food at affordable prices, then you can hire one of those food trucks to cater your wedding. How about having a taco truck outside that will serve some of the best and the most authentic chicken, beef, and chorizo tacos to all of your guests as they drink and dance on your wedding evening? Keep a balanced variety in vegetarian too because some of your guests might be completely vegetarian or vegans.



Wedding Food


Desserts: Cake or not?


Some people don’t really prefer having a cake in the wedding. These days the brides and the grooms of United Kingdom and United States of America simply don’t approve of cutting a cake on their wedding. So, the alternative here is, serve individual cup cakes or different types of tasty cookies to the guests. You can also offer a mixed dessert bar. You can have dishes that range from cheese cakes to cookies or may be slices of pie. This will give the variety in the deserts to the guests.



Wedding Cup Cake


Wedding Dress


Now, most brides prefer full flowing white gowns for their wedding. It is still as refreshing as it used to be in the 90s? However, today the brides can experiment with the white midis instead of the maxi gowns. They’ll make you look scintillating and ravishing. You can buy wedding dress online from UK website.

Mermaid wedding dresses




Consider a band versus a DJ


DJs often seem monotonous in a wedding. So, why not go with some experienced band that will not only get the crowd moving but they'll also know when to play a slow song, fast song, or when to even talk to the crowd. So, it is crucial for you to choose a band which is not only skilled but also understands their audience well.



Wedding Musical Band