A tie has to be something that distinguishes between a guy and a man. They add a touch of glamour to a well tailored suit. Ties worn right can make your outfit the talk of the room.


Out of all the places where a nice tie gets noticed, we’ll have to admit that weddings are priority occasions. Those are days when you should bring out your best silk tie and remember to work with color. Whether you’re the groom or a groomsman or just another attendee, a wedding is your moment to flash them those unique knots.


So, if you buy a wedding tie, why don’t you play it fun with some of these unique knots?




The Windsor knot has to be one of the simplest and most classic knots ever. It’s most commonly used; not only is it easy to work out but it projects confidence. Works best for the spread color.




Full Windsor Knot




Half Windsor


A versatile knot that works well for all occasions. It is the Windsor’s cousin and suits all dress shirts.






This has three-way symmetry and resembles the Celtic Triquetra. A very eye catching eye makes you look like a skilled tier of ties at the first glance.






An extra loop on the trinity knot and you get a beautiful, rose shaped knot. One of the most romantic knots, it’s best for the groom and his party to wear this to symbolize his love for the bride.




Rose Knot






Want to make a lasting impression on your father-in-law? If you’re looking to respectfully put a point across to him, you should try the fishbone knot.


A little complex at first but if you’re buying a wedding tie, take a little time out and master this excellent knot.




An asymmetrical knot, the grantchester lends an air of importance to the groom on his big day. The trick to doing this knot right is to use lightweight fabrics such as silk because it is a thick knot.




Eldredge has to be one of the most complicated yet the fanciest knot. As opposed to a majority of knots, this uses the small end actively.



Eric Glennie Braided


This one is almost exclusively for casual events and is to be done with a patterned tie, so if you’re bold enough to flaunt an elegant, checkered tie at your wedding, then try this one out.




This knot works best for younger grooms and groomsmen who would prefer wearing a skinny or a thinner tie as opposed to a traditional thick tie.



Four In Hands Knot






A diagonal makes clear from its very name that it’s an asymmetrical tie. Again, made for a young groom and works best for an evening reception.


If you’re a groom getting married soon looking to add to that perfect look, a beautiful tie is a must. But then, so is a knot and you should definitely try one of our prescribed knots after you buy a tie. You can find wedding ties in UK at places like Ties N Such.