Your wedding is one day when you want to look really sophisticated. And thus, a necktie is one accessory you cannot do without. Choosing the perfect colour for your wedding tie can be more than a little confusing. So, here is a guide to help you pick the best tie colour for your wedding day.

So, you are finally ready to get hitched? As you gear up to get married to your dream girl, choosing the wedding attire becomes your priority. Ties are an integral part of wedding attire for grooms. But, to make your bride go weak on her knees; you need to put together the perfect combination. While there is a vast range of wedding ties available today, choosing the right colour matters a lot.


So, here are top colours for wedding ties that are in vogue in 2015:


  • Burgundy: Well, with a rich burgundy coloured silk tie coupled with a crisp white shirt and a traditional black coloured tux; you have the recipe for one attractive groom. Don’t get surprised if the bridesmaids get all crazy.



Burgundy color tie



  • Pink: A pink tie may not be you first choice, but if you are getting married in summer, it can bring a lot of freshness to your attire. Fun and casual, pink is the trend this season.


Pink color tie




Orange color tie


  • Mint: Mint is a great colour for summer weddings. This year fresh unexpected colours in wedding ties are in style and mint totally falls into this category. This light, pastel green shade is great to add a dash of freshness. And the great thing is, Mint goes well with dark as well as light colours too.


 Mint color tie



  • Coral: Coral is again a colour that goes well with almost anything. Be it a traditional black tux or a grey suit you are wearing, a coral coloured tie is a definite hit. You can also match it with bridesmaids’ dress colours to add a little more fun.


coral tie



  • Marine Blue: This particular shade of blue is bright and eye catching and goes perfectly well with a black or a white suite.


marine Blue Color Tie



  • The colour of your wedding: Have you decided a colour theme for your wedding. May be a white wedding or a purple one? You can choose the same colour for your tie as well. The attire of a groom does not generally leave much space for experimentation, but this little touch can go a long way to put your attire in sync with the whole wedding.


Color of your wedding

  • Favourite colour of your bride: Although you’ll probably want to stick to a traditional black tux for your wedding, you can definitely get the tie in your bride’s favourite colour. It can be a nice surprise for her.


So, these are the 8 colours that you cannot go wrong with on your wedding. So, select your wedding suite first and then choose the wedding tie to complement your attire.