On your wedding day, use these simple tips and make the most of it. Whether it’s about mens wedding ties or jackets, when it’s about the right kind of wedding wear, these suggestions help you adorn the perfect look and make an impact. Fashion doesn’t get any better.




Wedding Dress Up




Weddings are special occasions. It’s that day of your life when you don’t want to go wrong. Be it dressing for your wedding to selecting on every little detail. The problem is that everyone thinks that men have it easy when it comes to selecting the groom attire. But not really. It’s more than just a matter of putting on a suit for the groom. Every little detail from the cufflinks to the bow tie needs perfection. Even though you may not notice, but these things add a dash of elegance and style to a man’s overall look.


Top hats, a classic tuxedo or none? A tweed suit or something more chilled out?


If your wedding is just a few days or weeks away, here’s a low down on the essentials and handy tips on how to dress perfect on your D-Day.



The wedding suit


Mens Wedding Suit

It changes the way everyone looks at you. And you want to stay in-tune with the times. Find out what the latest fashion is. Are those boxy jackets in or would you want to go with something like slim fits and short length trousers and suits. Then again, not all of these styles suit every shape, which is why you need to consult a good designer who can suggest you on the things to go with. Find someone to assist you with the made-to-measure suit. If you don’t think you have the budget for a formal tuxedo don’t splash out and rent it.



Separates are an interesting choice

When you are the modern style savvy groom opting for separates comes like an obvious choice. In this case, first pick the blazer you want and then go with a pair of contrasting pants. From checks to stripes and even complimentary colours, there’s a lot you can experiment with. And if you want to go with something a little more bold, you have a variety of options.


To go with separates would mean, you no longer have to limit yourself to a jacket or fitted pants. It means you can go with anything from chinos or pants for the bottom and waistcoats or just about anything for the top.



How to pick a blazer?

When you want a slimmer look, go with a vent-less jacket. If you want something more comfy, go with double side vents that give you enough room to dance. And the three button jackets are the best option for taller men. If you are short, a deep V jacket gives the torso a longer look.



Bow ties are back


Wedding Bow Ties

They were once associated only with geeky grooms but is now one of the coolest additions to the mens wedding ties palate. When it’s about bow ties, choose from pre-tied or self-tie but avoid the clip on as they look juvenile.