Buying a gift for a friend may never have been an issue until you met this designer friend of yours who wouldn’t just be happy with any random gift you buy. For your creative and designer friends, you sometimes need to really do brainstorming to decide the gift. The easiest is to plunge into designer stuff because there’s nothing that can impress them better than another designer’s work. Some of the designer gifts which will make it easy for you to choose for your friend can be:

1. Designer Dress

A designer dress can never go wrong to make your designer friend happy. The uniqueness is all what creative people crave for, so a fine designer dress based on the favourite colour and style of your friend will work for sure. A designer wedding dress will also give equal smile on your friend’s face. 



Illusional Neckline Designer Mermaid Wedding Dress




 2.  Personalized gifts

Personalised gifts would even scratch every bit of your creativity as well and would impress your friend too. Personalised gifts are unique, they are created and designed, therefore would surely convince your creative and designer friend. You can pick small daily use accessories like wrist bands, bracelets, belts or wallets etc. You can choose bigger items too like wine glasses, jewellery boxes, punching bags and t-shirts.



Wine Glasses




3. Designer ties, bows or cufflinks

Designer ties and bows are never enough for any collection in a wardrobe, especially for a designer friend. You can choose a style or design from something your friend has passion for or you can even choose something different for his collection which your friend is always not very sure of buying and trying. He would thank you to give him that opportunity. Designer ties are always a great gifting option. Cufflinks is also no less than a collection everyone strives for. Cufflinks has a vast variety to offer in terms of material it is made from and also the designs. These vary from gunmetal to precious metal. These can also be personalised to make your friend realise how much you really care when you gift.


Designer Bow Ties




4. High-tech gadget

Creative and designer people are often found to have inclination towards the unique uses of technology. The high tech gadgets and latest developments thrill them. Choose a latest version of a high-end smart phone, graphic design tablet, iPod or a beautifying gadget. Your friend will surely like it and you will receive a great deal of appreciation for your choice as well.



High tech Gadgets

5. Notes collection

Creative people love collecting notes all over. You can gift note pads or sticky notes as complementary gift along. They would equally love a blackboard wall paper with a complete kit. Field note dairies and wood blocks to hold notes is also an option to consider.



Sticky Notes




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