Introduced in the 20’s, the knitted ties are a perfect choice for those who look for something different since they differ in size and shape as compared to other ties.The feel and comfort provided by the knitted ties make them a must have for anyone.


Men have always been fascinated by the ties, the long narrow shaped cloth piece that hung around the neck, which has the ability to redefine the looks of men regardless the dress they are wearing. Over the years, a wide variety of ties were used by the men differed in color, shape, knot style and even the season of the year. Speaking of seasonal wears, knitted ties are commonly used during the winter and in countries like UK. These knitted silk ties are a must have for each man because of the comfort and the amazing look it provides. Here are some interesting facts and history you might want to know about the knitted ties.


A look back to the past

Knitted ties were introduced in the early 20’s in the Europe and soon became popular due to their casual nature. Unlike other type of neckties, knitted silk tieswere ideal for wearing it with informal clothing like striped casual shirts. The new fashion was swiftly adopted by various celebrities. Sean Connery wore the knitted ties during some of the James Bond films.


The Greatest ever rock band Beatles had also appeared wearing the knitted ties.This made a big impact on the UK fashion trend and made the knitted ties much popular during the 50’s and 60’s.But like any other product, the knitted ties also had to disappear on the arrival of new trends.


Most of the mills shut down the production of knitted ties at the fall of 80’s. But surprisingly, these ties have made a strong comeback in the past few years and now again back in the trend, gaining a massive popularity not just in UK but all over the world.


Silk Knitted Ties



What makes them special?

The knitted ties are way much different than the other traditional ties. Being narrower in width and with a flat or square end, these ties stand apart from the others. These are usually made from silk and wool in a tubular fashion, making them look bulkier than the normal ones. Knitted silk ties are usually available in the form of both solid colors and other textures. It breaks the beliefs that the ties are meant to be formal.Apart from the spectacular looks, these sorts of ties also provide exceptional feel and comfort making them the right choice for a country like UK for its weather conditions.


Black with White V Design Knitted Tie




When and where to wear them?

The best thing about knitted ties is that they can be worn anytime and anywhere. These ties go with formal suits for having a pleasant appearance; but look best when worn with the casuals. Eventhough, they can beworn on any season, the combination of winter and knitted ties is a perfect combination. The fabric made from silk makes sure the most comfort and prevents getting greased, giving you the confidence to do any outdoor task without being worried. That’s the basic reason why it is said that knitted silkties in UK are a must have for everyone who is looking to stand out from the crowd and wants to add more spirit to their personality.



Winter Season Knitted Ties