The mermaid dress trend started out as a childhood fantasy, but has since evolved into a sophisticated fashion trend for every woman’s wardrobe. The brides alone do not hold this trend as it is showing up all over the UK.

One of the newest and most attractive trend in bridal wear, formal wear, and all day wear are the mermaid dresses that have hit the runways and bridal boutiques all over the UK. This trend started out exclusively for brides, but has merged into an urban delight seen all over the city streets.



Mermaid High Neckline Wedding Dress



The word “mermaid dress” may bring to mind blue sequins and gaudy ocean colors, but this trend is anything but gaudy. Not only do they show off the curves and stylish lines of any woman, they also offer a Hollywood glamour that is hard to pass up. And it’s a good thing that Ties N Such is offering these amazing dresses on their website.

According to the spokesperson at Ties N Such, “The mermaid dresses UK fashion trend may have begun as an elaborate recreation of the little girl fantasy of becoming a mermaid, but it has quickly evolved into a sophisticated fashion must. Brides all over the UK are trying out the look and finding it timeless and beautiful. The mermaid dress may want compel the bride to get married twice just to wear their beautiful dress once more. It’s no wonder that many brides covet this new style, but all women can now enjoy this trend as well.

From brides, to city streets, the mermaid dress with the telltale flounce back “tale”, or skirted flounce that trails behind, is showing up everywhere. For everyday wear, subtle blue colors are merging into a flirty back to give even the tamest occasion a sexier look. Other colors are also becoming a part of the trend, from muted nuetrals to sexier warm colors.

Mermaid dresses are so universally flattering that they are on many women’s must have list for this year’s wardrobe updates. Many mermaid dresses have now changed to a shorter skirt, with the same flirty back that draws the eye. This new shorter mermaid tailed trend is perfect for an office skirt suit or a summer night on the town. The ruffle back, flounce back, beaded back tale is perfect for dressing up or dressing back down again.

“Mermaid dresses are a great addition to any woman’s closet because they have simple lines, flattering cuts, and sophisticated designs. The Ties N Such collection is everything that a mermaid dress has to offer and more. Mermaid dresses offer a level of femininity that no other dress out there has to offer right now, making Ties N Such the perfect place to buy your wedding dress online in UK” added the spokesperson.

The mermaid dress has a uniquely defined way of presenting the female form that people cannot take their eyes off. The mermaid dress that does not look beautiful and eye catching is hard to find because this style is so attractive.

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