There is always more admiration for something that’s unusual and extraordinary. The bow ties and skinny ties also belong to this category. When worn with a little thought and care, admiration is guaranteed. The following article explains.


Both the skinny ties and bow ties are considered to be tricky and therefore spur hesitation in most men. While playing safe is good, it’s always good to expand your horizons and experiment to learn and become wiser. The following information should inspire you to take the plunge.


The Bow Ties

Deep Magenta Bow TiesThe bow tie is one of those intimidating accessories that quite a number of men dread. Why? To most men, the bow tie brings up visions of nutty professors and dandy dressed rappers, either of which is considered to be quirky and cheap.


Despite the stigma, the Fancy bow ties should be worn because nothing beats the classy, sophisticated look that the bow tie can add to a crisp suit. Besides, some events call for a bow-tie suit and you should not try to decline the invitation just because you aren’t sure about the bow tie mathematics. Begin by investing in simple designs first.


Tip: While buying bow ties can be tricky when purchasing cheap bow ties online, especially if you’re new in the league, you can visit one of the walk-in stores of the brand, try them, make choices and then come over to buy from their e-store.


Occasions for the Bow Tie

Some of the occasions that call for a bow tie include:


  • Formal events like Weddings: Weather you’re the groom or it’s your friend’s wedding, there is nothing like being dressed like a gentleman. If you want to opt for a modern look, try mixing textures like solid color suit with a checkered bow tie.


  • Date Night: Take it or leave it, all women want their men to look well dressed and prim. While some may consider the bow tie to be too formal for the occasion, wearing one for a date night will definitely make her feel special as well as make the get together feel special.


  • Religious Services: While the rule of being dressed in formal at a church event has been relaxed, even in conservative countries like the UK, turning up in a suit with bow tie once in a while will certainly leave a mark, making people remember you with admiration.


Skinny Ties

Blue with Silver Vertical Striped Vintage Skinny Tie

Want to stand out with your dressing? Grab hold of a skinny tie for your slim fit suit and pair of leather loafers and you’ll have heads turning for sure! The skinny tie may come across as any other tie, just a little slimmer, for some but the skinny tie can never go wrong if you want to dress smart. The best thing about the skinny tie is that it looks great in both slender and bulky frames. 


Occasions for the Skinny Tie

The skinny ties can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. However, the suit you wish to wear it on should be tailored to fit well. Skinny ties don’t go well with loose fitted suits. As for the casual look, simply tie the knot of the skinny tie loosely and pair it with a evening blazer or simply in a buttoned up crisp solid colored shirt.


Have tips, tricks and suggestions for wearing bow ties or skinny ties? Share them with us in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you.