Ties are a pivotal accessory for men. That’s why you need to choose them wisely, especially if it is a wedding that you have to attend. When it comes to neckties, there are so many options to choose from. But when it comes to men’s wedding ties, particularly if you are attending a wedding as a guest, you might find yourself confused with different options. That’s because of the fact that the tie you select will either make or break your outfit, which is the reason why you should select something appropriately and wisely. Check out these wedding guests styling trends to find the tie that fits and suits you the best.


There are hundreds and thousands of colours to choose from. But it is important that you select the tie that suits you the best. Black is a classic colour when it comes to men’s wedding ties in UK. It is an ideal option if you are wearing a black tuxedo or a wedding suit. Otherwise, choose the darkest shade that matches your attire and contrast it with a pale shirt.



Mens Wedding Dress Black Tie



If you are worried about wearing a monotonous colour, go for neutral colours such as silver and grey, which look absolutely adorable on guests, groomsmen and best-man. This is an important option if you are attending a wedding that doesn’t have a colour theme. Colours like browns, yellows and oranges, or a hint of red hues look great for weddings in summer and fall. Cooler hues from blues to greens, lilac purples to pink are perhaps the best for a spring wedding.



Monotonous Colors Tie



Wedding style trends in 2015 are moving more towards the right pattern, from diagonal stripes, plaid ties, and geometric patterns to paisley prints. The last two in particular are popular this year, primarily because they subtly go with wedding suits.


If you do ahead and decide to opt for a black tie, try monochromatic combinations. For instance, serpentine floral wool neckties look absolutely adorable, similarly a gingham fusion looks excellent, texturized diamond tips or floral silk neckties with hint of grey and white look perfect as well.


monochromatic ties



For weddings, it is recommended that men’s wedding ties are selected in regular width, instead of skinny ties. That’s because of the fact that weddings usually have a slightly formal setting with a particular theme or a set of untold mannerisms. So, you are expected to wear a tie that’s more on the formal side. Choose wisely accordingly. Select a tie that has normal width, comes near to your tuxedo belt section to ensure appeal.


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