The stylish slim tie has made a comeback from the 60s and for good reasons. Apart from improving the look, it also makes wearing a tie fashionable, not only for the older men but for the younger crowd as well. It has made the tie more casual and fun without losing its stature in fashion.

If you are trendy and love trying new things to enhance your look then may be its time to buy skinny ties. A style that was in vogue in the 60s and presently making a comeback, skinny ties are a huge fashion statement. The width of the tie needs to be below 2.5 inches to be qualified a slim/skinny tie but some say that till 3 inches it can be categorised as such.


 Wesley Hey Slim Skinny Tie


Who can wear one?

Anybody is free to wear what they choose to. However, know your body type before you buy skinny ties. If slim is your body type then you will definitely rock it. However if you are on the bulkier side you may want to put in a little thought.


For a shorter person, a slim tie can do wonders by drawing attention to the face and not the height. Also it comes down to attitude; if you have the élan to carry a skinny tie you should try it.


Popular Style

The skinny tie is meant for mostly for occasions with a casual dress code. However celebrities in the creative fields especially in the world of the performing arts have been seen wearing it to formal events as well.


Ways to wear your Skinny Tie

There are basically three different ways to wearing a tie-skinny or regular. However it the advantage with skinny ties is that because of its casual look, one can experiment with its tying techniques.


Tie Knot Styles Infographic


Four in Hand Tie Knot

The most popular way of tying a skinny tie is this. It is an easy way of tying the skinny tie and does not have an overtly formal look. Best for parties and social events, it highly suits taller men and can also be worn on a medium width tie. The end result is a small and slightly elongated look that works great with casual attires. The knot goes well with narrow collared shirts.


The Half Windsor knot

The knot looks like an inverted triangle and worn on more formal events such as job interviews or business conventions. This knot is symmetrical and goes nicely with medium width collars. This knot sported frequently by taller and heavier men.


Ways to go

The full Windsor knot should never be tried with the slim tie .It goes better with ties with sufficient width and length.


The skinny ties however looks best with four in hand knot and enhances the appearance of dress shirts with tapered collars. Solid colours and patterns look best on slim ties and a pin might add a touch of class to it. Justin Timberlake popularised wearing the skinny tie over dress shirts and rolling up the sleeves. One can also wear it with jeans or vest.



Justin Timberlake Tie Knot Style



For a casual look that stands out without being presumptuous the skinny tie is a great way to go. The biggest plus being one can be experimental with it and try new looks.