Never underestimate the power of a great tie. A man who wears a tie exudes confidence and power. He is ready for anything because he has chosen a sensible accessory for his suit. A tie can be worn just about anywhere for any occasion. Bow ties’ are no longer just for formal events. Many men like a bow tie for the office or date night. A handsome standard necktie is also versatile at the office, downtown, or at the bar. There are many amazing ties to choose from and there is definitely one for every occasion.

Business Skinny Ties

A jacket and tie will need a matching pocket square. To make this look professional and powerful for the board meeting, purchase a matching black and silver tie, pocket square, and cuff link. For a more casual but still professional look, forget the pocket square and cufflinks. Grab a neatly pressed white shirt and pair it with a fun paisley tie. If a variety of patterns and colours is what you seek, that’s fantastic because a man’s closet can never have too many ties. Consider striped or checkers, solids, and floral in many amazing colours. Men’s ties can be basic black, grey and red, or fun pink, orange, and purple.

For the man who has enough standard ties, it might be time to purchase a few bow ties just to add interest to the wardrobe. In days gone by, bow ties were considered formal attire and you would only see them at weddings. Today, men love their bow ties and have brought back a great casual look with a fun bow tie. They can be worn with or without a jacket, to the office, or out to dinner. There are many colours and patterns to fill your closet. Choose from options like solid blue or purple, or multicoloured checks, stripes, and polka dots.

There’s no doubt that every man should have a closest that is full of ties. He should change them up and keep his wardrobe fresh and up to date with modern patterns and styles. Keeping both standard ties online and bow ties around will ensure that he has a tie for every occasion. Pair any tie with a solid coloured button up shirt and you are ready to tackle the day; whatever it may bring.