Skinny ties are back in style (well they have never been off the charts). But recently they have witnessed more popularity them ever, serving as a representation of the main stream minimalism, indicating that ‘Less is More.’ These ties are popular because they are trendy, casual and can be worn with formals. Here we are deciphering some of the skinny tie style tips from 2015, so that you always look your best!


Grey With Black Dot Striped Men's Skinny Neckties



First popular trend in the skinny ties’ trend is that they are popularly worn with formal outfits, suits and tuxedos. They can look great on jackets with narrow lapels. But most the wearers now love experimenting, which is a prime reason why these ties are so popular with formal outfits. Of course, these ties don’t suit well with t-shirts and shorts, but their stylish appeal makes them perfect for shirt and pants. Opt for ties that come with simple design and darker or muted colours and they will make your silhouette appear visually smaller.

And that’s not all! Skinny ties are now also a viable option for parties and friendly meeting. 2015 style trends indicate that these ties are perfect for men going for a party. But these ties are recommended only for men with lean or skinny body type, especially if brighter and vibrant textures are being born. So, make sure that if you are bigger in terms of size, you opt for a wider tie or the classic version. A skinny tie on a heavier man is more likely to look a noose tightening itself. So, avoid that!



Black with White Polka Dot Striped Skinny Neckties

When it comes to styling oneself with these ties, ensure that you don’t opt for massive accessories. These ties are delicate and cool, so you don’t need to add chunkiness to yourself to appear stylish. Avoid large watches and wide chains thereof.

Since these ties are skinny, it is important that you tie them with the right knot. For instance, they look more proportional with four in hand knot or slimmer knots. It is recommended that the knots you tie to these neckties are worn a bit lose on one side and have an asymmetrical pattern.



Grey With Black Square Striped Men's Skinny Neckties

While buying these ties go for modern European cut suit to add sophistication to your style. These ties can be beautifully accessorized with pocket squares and tie bars. At the same time, they are lighter and tend to make the best impact on tie bars that are silver or stainless steel. So, select wisely accordingly.

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