If you pay attention to the current trends in men’s dress apparel you will see that bow ties are making a comeback.

They are popular among many distinguished celebrities. You’ll find a variety of bow ties available with matching pocket squares. The colours available are versatile so there is sure to be one that matches perfectly with your suit or tuxedo. Bow ties in the UK are not just for weddings anymore. They are great for many different venues including a nice dinner out with the one you love.

Bow ties are available in many different colours and patterns. You can choose fun colours like orange, pink, aqua blue, olive green, and light purple. Instead of solids, try prints like black with white polka dots, blue with coloured polka dots, or a variety of plaid colours. With so many bow ties to choose from there is sure to be more than one that will pair perfectly with your event. Consider the type of suit that you are wearing before buying your tie. If you’re not wearing a jacket but simply a bow tie and button up shirt, a fun pattern with dots or stripes could be perfect.

For the man who is looking to elevate his bow tie with a fancy jacket and a pocket square there are many matching choices. An amazing eye catching set includes a tie and pocket square with a black background and coloured stripe.

The stripe could be white, blue, or red. In addition to stripes, there is an elegant black with dark purple flowers, silk solid blue, or a fabulous creamy white paisley. When a man wears a matching bow tie with a pocket square he is sure to get attention and wow anyone who sees him.

Getting bow ties in the UK is an easy thing to do. They are available in many different style and colours. The prices are great for these versatile and popular ties. With the options that are available there is sure to be a tie for everyone and for every occasion. Bow ties are now the popular tie for the sophisticated man. It’s time to order your very own unique bow tie with matching pocket square for your next event.