Coats become perfect and well-suited for a formal or semi-formal occasion with a necktie. More often than not, the color and pattern of the necktie determines how suitable the garment is for the season. Yellow and all of its shades are perfect for summer and spring. The bright and optimistic effect of yellow on the entire appearance of the wearer makes it suited for tropical daytime parties.

The best shades of yellow for sunny days are lemon, pastel yellow, and maize yellow. These are not dark enough to obliterate the combination of sunlight and the garment, and not too bright to be irritating to look at. A yellow necktie can be solid or patterned with stripes, some even designed with dots or shapes. Good thing about yellow neckties is that it can be paired with dresses of any color depending on the time of day and the complexion of the wearer.

Yellow is a big family of colors. Its different shades are created either from combination of white, reduction of black, or combination of other colors; from chartreuse yellow to mustard yellow. Now included in the shades is the metallic golden yellow, which consists of also many different shades, suited to a variety of dresses. Golden yellow is the most powerful shade and frequently used as motif color in weddings and royal gatherings.

A yellow tie has always been a favorite in occasions with expected happy and positive façade. This color is always associated with freshness, congeniality, and liveliness. Its bright color, associated with the sun, makes it perfect during summer and suited even to informal fashion outfits. It also symbolizes wealth and luxury.