FAQ on Choosing your Wedding Dress

Q: Where are the wedding dress come from?

Like most of the wedding dress stores, we outsourcing our wedding dresses from China; in China, there are about 36780 wedding factories. Before we choose our partners, we have visited more than 10,000 factories already. And we have found Apec; which is in manufacturing middle to high classes wedding dresses.  

Q: Well, as your wedding dresses are from China, we can directly order them in China?

Yes, of course you could. We are the unique sold agent for Apec Wedding Co Ltd in UK. And we have already formed a quality-inspect team in China to inspect wedding dresses quality. Making sure each sold item is 100% perfect.  
Each individual industry; there are always some hidden rules. There is no exception for wedding dresses; some un-qualify wedding manufacturers might cut the cost by switching your fabric; eg: soft lace to stiff lace; satin down to polyester; that come off looking cheap and will make you uncomfortable when you wearing it.
We are only making 3-5% on our profit, why not give us a try.

Q: Price difference, some wedding dress are only £268, some of them are £800 and more?

Price differential in several ways; but generally, we conclude certain points as following: 1. Design; complicated design needs more time to complete. 2. Handicraft Art; this point is similar to #1.  3. Fabric; we only choose high standard of fabric – making sure comfortable wear. 4. Beading, some of our dresses contains crystal and pearl.

Blue Bow Tie Collection
    We has been committed researching European history and culture since the moment of establishment, the group of our design team has delved into the long historical European wedding culture. After long period intensively study, we get the inspiration of new technology (Elegance 1320) from its romantic culture atmosphere and the elegance of European Artistic Buildings. The quintessence of inspiration and the true meaning of art are fully reflected through each single needle and thread.



    Handicraft arts, is a fold with a needle a head, and then pull the nail needle, needle distance does not exceed 3 inches, and so on. So delicate and skillful manipulation, must have been more than 18 months of training and pass the examination to become a qualified technician. And the age limit in young girls 20-30 years old, must slender fingers, no hand sweat, nail control in 3-5 mm, the need for polishing, the nail every day bright eyes, visual acuity remained at more than 1.5, and the ability to understand abstract art is very good. So the height less than 1.6 meters, thin woman, with art talented people can do this work process technician.


Art on Wedding Dresses

Beading Tech on Wedding Dress

Q: Can I custom made my wedding dress?

Yes, definitely.
However, before you place an order, please Check, double check and then triple check your measurements, making certain that the numbers you give in the order are indeed the correct ones. You can have a seamstress take your measurements if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself.

Q: Shipping Method and Delivery Time?

For goods in stock, usually 4-7 business days; for custom made dresses, it takes much longer:  20-45 business days. (Only high season take up to 45 business days)
For shipping method: Fedex/DHL/TNT/EMS.
Ordering early also gives you leeway to deal with unexpected problems. Murphy’s Law doesn’t take a break for weddings!

Q: Do you wholesale your wedding dress?

Yes, we do. Minimum quantity is 10.

We insist:  “Quality is the life, innovation is the way out.” With high quality as our promise, bold innovate in.