Wedding ties have always been a significant accessory in men’s wedding attire. Whether to go with the bow or classic knot are tough questions to answer if you don’t follow the trend. If you are confused about your perfect choice, read on to know what the style gurus are saying for upcoming wedding trends in 2015.


 Wedding Ties Style 2015


2015 is ready to set some new fashion trends, so how can the wedding ties be left behind? Are you baffled about what to wear to your wedding or to anybody else’s wedding for that matter? Here are some latest trends picked up from the fashion runways and decoded to fit your personal style. Push up your sleeves, you are about to receive the precious advices from fashion gurus directly.



The classic bow


The Classic Bow Style

Nothing can be as charming as this little button of a bow tie. If your wedding suit is white, then a silk bow tie in pale pink or white can look smashing. Bow tie in a color that matches with the outer fabric of your coat is considered to be the most stylish statement. Moreover, a simple black silk bow tie always looks beautiful with the black wedding tuxedo.



Necktie in paler hues

 Necktie in Paler Hues Style


If the wedding suit is gray or off-white, you can experiment with the paler hues in green, blue and slate. Some top notch designers also say that grey is the new black for guys this year. So if you are wearing a grey suit, you can never go wrong with pale color tie. Before buying a necktie, consider your complexion and the color of your attire. You can also try the lighter shade of the color of your wedding suit.



Red it


Red it Styles 

Red is not only the hottest favorite among girls, guys are pretty able to rock it too. If you are considering an unconventional look for the wedding, try out the red-tie with white shirt look. Next thing you know, your bride is running towards you instead of walking calmly down the aisle. Just a thought! Same goes for the vintage maroon color, which suits perfectly under a black tuxedo.



Chequered bow


Chequered Bow Style

Here come the bow again, such is the charm of this little fashion fella. Ever considered the old Scottish style statement? Try out a black and white check bow tie to go with your white shirt.





Cravat Style



No, the trend of cravat did not die with the 18 centurions. Many style experts have created amazing looks with the good old cravat. You can try to match a silk cravat in light colors for a more distinguished look.