There are several online shops in the UK, which are offering custom made ties. These ties are extremely fashionable, and can be customised solely depending on the choice of the customer. More than just another tie, these are style statements that can speak volumes about who you are. This article will help you in identifying top five places to buy custom made ties in UK.

Brand personification is one of the oldest concepts in the history of marketing management, and it is getting reflected in the designs of customised ties. This is a product, through which you can define yourself, and make a style statement. Presently, in the UK market, custom made ties are being offered from various online shops. Though, these shops are operating on virtual platform, they are virtually redefining the apparel market in the UK.


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What is so unique about these shops?

There are several online shops in UK, which have made custom made ties famous. Following are the top 5 of those shops:

  • Ties N Such: Let’s give a boost to your bandwagon by wearing the brand in your tie. Just think of your favourite brand, and “Ties N Such” is here at your service. They design customized ties with logos of prominent organizations and sports team, and that too at a very competitive rate and with quality material.

  • Team Colours: Why do you need to look different from others, when you are with your best buddies? Won’t it feel great if all of you wear matching ties, just like old school days? “Team Colours” offers customised ties, which are meant to be worn with a group of friends. You just have to give them the design in accordance with the occasion, and they will deliver it to you.

  • Reef Knots: Is there any special occasion in your organization? Want to order something special for all the executives? What can be better than a tie, with the logo of the organization embedded into it? “Reef Knot” has the reputation of designing such high-end customized ties of a huge number, within a very short span of time. And of course, quality is always guaranteed.

  • Bags of Love: Want to gift something to your father on his birthday? And what about younger brother, who won the badminton tournament last week? Want to buy gifts for both of them? Don’t worry. “Bags of Love” is here. With superior quality satin finish and next day delivery, you can even get a discount for ordering more than one.

  • I Design My Tie: What will you do, if your new suit doesn’t match with your old tie? No need to worry. “I Design My Tie” in UK provide customized matching tie designing services at a very competitive price. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the taxes or hidden costs, while availing their services.



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These online portals are redefining the market of custom made ties in UK. Subsequent to any purchase from these virtual shops, the product will be delivered at your address. Has it just enhanced your interest?