Now days, themed weddings are quite in. People like to dress right from Prince Charming to Sponge Bob. The latest trend in themed wedding is mermaid and the sea creatures. If you are in UK, your life is sorted as there are many online stores that offer the costume and décor for a theme wedding of a lifetime.


Ariel, is the Disney character that made the mythical character of Mermaid popular also triggered a theme trend outburst in UK. UK is quite popular to host outrageous weddings right from the Ogres to Minions, you can participate in such weddings to create a memory of a life time. Such weddings are not just an adventure of experimenting couples but also a fun event for the attendees who are generally bored in cliché set ups. Right from the costumes of the bride and the groom to the décor and the food, everything is theme based.




mermaid trumpet wedding dress




To get a right set up in place, you need to hire an expensive wedding planner or toil around the streets of UK in search of these millions of elements, you may still miss out on the last day. So, in order to make your life easier at least for the heart of the wedding i.e. your costume, read below for the top 5 online shops that offer a mermaid wedding dress in UK;




Don’t judge the book by its cover. The famous tie store also offers mermaid wedding dress in UK for ladies who know how to dress in style on their special day. From the use of handcraft art to 100% Swarovski crystals, these dresses at Ties N Such offer style and class. Now, this is one shop where both of you can shop from one store. So, let your man shop for his bow tie while you indulge in some sinful shopping.




Established since 1995, these guys know how to give that best curve to your wedding dress that enhances your curves. The prices of these fairy tale outfits are not even close to reasonable but who cares when you aim to look like a million dollar baby.




Aisle style is known for creating their own line of wedding dress structures, a little cut here and there leaves you with an outstanding wedding outfit, perfect for an off-beat wedding theme. They have everything from a corporate looking vanilla satin gown to a beach mermaid themed wedding corset.



strapless mermaid wedding dress with lace





UK bride is known for its alliances with renowned global fashion brands. They have a long list of brands you can choose to be under the limelight at your wedding.




Dress do has been a muse at fashion shows in UK. Everyone from a celebrity to a model has worn a dress do outfit once in their lifetime. Due to the popularity, they often have sales to get rid of the old stock and upload a new one on the website.



Be whichever shop, online or offline, once you set your eyes on that dress, don’t think twice, and just go for it. You have a day to repent but a lifetime to cherish that memory.


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