Ties! Ties! Everywhere! And yet confused about the right one? Men face this kind of mental trauma every day. With the need to dress in formals while going to work to giving the outfit a complete look, it becomes significant that there is a right kind of tie for suitable occasion. We all know that a tie is one thing that elevates the outfit from being boring to looking classic and therefore it is an important aspect of men’s clothing. It is important to have ties that would fit all occasions. To solve all your problems we bring to you a list of 5 essential skinny ties that must be there in every man’s wardrobe.



1. Solid Colored Skinny Ties:

Solid Color Skinny Tie


These ties come in colors which have an immense visual value. They are visually attractive and state style when looked at. Colors to go for in this category must include bold black, royal blue, purple, fiery red, sunny orange and so on. Its smoothness only makes a man more debonair. These are best fitted for formal occasions like weddings, official meetings. And it’s the best if you are planning a date with your loved one!



2. Business Skinny Ties:

Business Skinny Ties


As the name suggests, they are the ties fit for all the business meetings. You can blindly wear them to important business meetings and set your style statement. They come in rich colors with less of a glossy look, thereby making it subtle. The first thing that another person notices in you is your clothing, and a business tie can never go wrong if you have dressed to impress.



3. Designer Skinny Ties:

Designer Skinny Ties

Going for a party and don’t know which tie would suit best? No worries, Designer skinny ties are at your service. These are from the category of the adventure ties, which you would usually be scared to try. But we promise that it will take your look to another level. It comes in various designs and patterns and is also useful in giving as gift to someone close. We suggest you to go for Polka dots as it stands out in the overall outfit.



4. Knitted Ties:

Knitted Ties


Back in fashion, these ties are breaking all the rules. It is winning hearts with its hand woven feature and heaviness. It is rich in texture and material. Fit for occasions where you are looking for more of an retro look. Go for a multicolor knitted tie and you would thank us for enlightening you.



5. Striped Skinny Ties:


Striped Skinny Ties


Want some illusions? Then go for striped ties. Striped ties are fit for both formal and casual occasions.


They come in different types of stripes for example the horizontal, the regimental, and the bar code and so on. They give a lean look to men and are best suited to be worn over a plain shirt so that the stripes can stand out.



Many brands have come up with an outstanding collection of ties due to the growing trend of ties and the acknowledgment of a tie as an essential piece of an outfit. The brand that tops our list is Ties N Such. It is one of the most promising brands in the U.K and provides a huge range that would be loved by all. So wait no more and check out their site for more.